The relevance of the things in our lives.    Has any reader ever heard of Arock, Oregon, or of the wonderful Basque community that still thrives there?
My own family was part of the great migration west, coming to Arock, and towns like it, people of many ethnic and national identities.
Many were "cowboys", and between all the groups, the great traditions came west and still thrive on the cattle and sheep ranches of these arid lands in Malheur and Harney Counties.
Even a tiny community can be of great importance in the great scheme of things. I cite tiny Bethlehem as an example.
God help us if we forget who we are and from whence we came.

Fred  Park

​ Is the author of three novels: 

War Is  Never the Answer, Fast Eddie the Pirate, and his new short novel Shoot Back!

Park spent his early years in the Arock/Jordan Valley area of Southeast Oregon.
He has made a career of writing, editing, publishing, and public relations. 

His new young-adult thriller, The Power of Darkness  is due for release as a Kindle eBook in November of 2015.


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